Dish Rag Tag: The Sequel

This isn’t the giant rule post for Dish Rag Tag. I just wanted to let you all in on the changes that will be made this year (I’ve had a year to refine my plan) and important dates that you may want to mark on your calendars. Major changes and important dates appear in bold for the benefit of the skimmers.

If you are new to Yarn Miracle and have no idea what I am talking about, you may want to check the Yarn Miracle Archives for some background and read last year’s FAQ. This year’s race will work the same way except for a few changes (see the rest of this post).

Signups for Dish Rag Tag will only be open to residents of the 50 US states. Last year, we had three international teams, but due to the differences in postal service, it was not a very fair race for those teams. Don’t despair non-US residents:

**If you are interested in running a race for your country, get in touch with us! We will help you get set up with the Dish Rag Tag software and provide hosting.**

There will be 25 teams of 12 racers – sign-ups will cap at 300 participants. If there are less than 300 people interested this year, teams of 12 will be made on a first-come first-serve basis with the extras added to an alternate list. If there are more than that, I will keep a list of alternates.

Sign-ups will be handled by the amazing Dish Rag Tag Web Application. You cannot sign up by email. You cannot sign up in my comments. You must to go to the web page when sign-ups are open and fill out the form. For those of you who are new to Dish Rag Tag, there are team forums and profiles and all kinds of other fun stuff in the application. If you can send email and read blogs, you can work the Dish Rag Tag Application.

Participants must agree to share their email addresses with their Team Captain. Team Captains must agree to share their email addresses with their team members. There will be boxes to check on the sign-up form to indicate your agreement.

We will need 25 team captains this year. If you are interested in leading a Dish Rag Tag team to Dish Rag Tag Glory, there will be a box to check on the sign-up form.

All Dish Rag Tag Dish Rags will be made from the same Official Pattern. This is just to keep you all on your toes. If everyone uses the same pattern, it really is all about knitting speed. I’ll pick a pattern that is beginner-friendly and announce the gauge ahead of time so you can swatch if you are a perfectionist. The pattern will be included in the boxes. No cables, I swear.

Postage has gone up. Priority Shipping for items weighing less than one pound to any zone is $4.80. Delivery Confirmation is required at an additional $.75 (free when you print postage at

I want to keep this a $10 swap. To off-set the increased postage, boxes are smaller and will contain only one ball of cotton.

There are no starter dishrags this year. The boxes will still start and end with me. Because, y’all, I have a baby and precious little knitting time. Starter boxes will be mailed from me to the Team Captains with a single ball of dish rag cotton, the Official Pattern, the Official Step-by-Step Instructions and a treat. Team Captains will knit the starting dish rag for their team from the cotton in the box, keep the treat for themselves, replace the cotton, add a new treat, leave the pattern and instructions in the box and mail it to the next member of their team who will keep the dishrag in addition to all the other steps. The step-by-step instructions in each box will walk you through everything, including how to use the Dish Rag Tag Application to record the ‘tags’ and tracking numbers of your packages. When the boxes make it back to me (for a truly fair race, the boxes all still need to start and end in the same place), I will forward the finished dishrags to the Team Captains so that everyone still ends up with a finished dishrag. If you are knitting the final dishrag, it’s not for me it’s for your Captain!

Sign-ups for Dish Rag Tag: The Sequel will open at Noon Central Time on Friday, August 1, 2008.

Sign-ups will close at Noon on Friday, August 8, 2008, or when the number of participants reaches 300. Teams will be made and announced a few days after sign-ups close. The forums will be opened and teams will have a week to 10 days (depending on when sign-ups close) to get to know each other and strategize.

The race will begin on Friday, August 15, 2008. I know this sounds like an odd date, but it is my 5th Blogaversary and I always miss my Blogaversary. Possibly because it turns out my Blogaversary is really August 7. I just checked my archives. Eh. The race is still starting on August 15.

I will be handling the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place team prizes. If anyone would like to donate something fun so that the tradition of Individual Merit Awards can continue, that would be marvelous!

I think that’s it. Let me know if you have any questions!

28 thoughts on “Dish Rag Tag: The Sequel

  1. Christy

    This was by far the best knitting event I ever participated in—and not just because I had the most awesome team ever!!!! I can’t wait to play again!

  2. Cathy-Cate

    Yippee! I am so excited! I just wish the Cotton Commandoes could reunite — but I know a new team will be very exciting too! My heart plummeted when I realized the start would be while I was still at family camp — but as long as I am not the captain, A-OK as I get back the next day!

    Thank you, Emily, for doing this despite sleep deprivation and your darling sweet one! see you on the 1st!

  3. sara

    I just feel the need to comment again and tell you I am shaking with anticipation.

    I feel like a little nervous chihuahua….

  4. Jessi

    I’d be more than happy to donate some yarn and stitch markers (or whatever you need). Just let me know when and where you’d like me to send them. 🙂

    I’ve got the alarm set on my computer and can’t wait!

  5. Jane in London

    Sounds so exciting, but I’m in the UK and I can’t volunteer to organise for here.

    OK. I’m thinking about it…. Leave me to mull a little.


  6. britt

    I had sooo much fun with this last year (and not just b/c we won 🙂
    Unfortunately I can not participate this year, but I am excited to watch the race!

  7. elizabeth

    Can’t wait to participate again this year! I’m sure I can find something in my stash to donate for a prize, so count on something from me.

  8. stephanie

    YAY……..I’ve been waiting for this! I really enjoyed this last year; I think the most fun was the anticipation….waiting for the box to arrive. I’m in!!

  9. KT

    I’m in! And I am willing to be a team captain. Going to put it on my calendar so I don’t miss out. Smooch Ellie for me, and Look! it’s the Jefferson Meorial!


  10. AllyB

    OMG! I’m writing it on my calendar right now. Have to tell Rena in the morning. We’ve been waiting, and some of us not very patiently, LOL. You’re the greatest Em. Thanks for doing this again.

  11. Val

    Sweet, I am soooooooexcited it was a blast last year and can’t wait for the fun that will follow. It is written in ink on the calendar. THanks so much Emily you are my hero, I loved dishragtag last year and will love it even more this year too. I can’t wait

  12. alaina

    Ditto all of the above excitement!!!

    It was so much fun…I can’t wait for sign-ups!!!

    I am willing to be a captain if you need 🙂

    Thanks for all your work.

  13. Alana

    I read about this on my friend’s blogs last year, and felt a little left out!! This year’s gonna be different! Yea!!

  14. Sandy

    My calendar is marked! I am looking forward to joining in on the fun since I missed last year’s event! The countdown is on! Yahoo!!!

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