Check, Please

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Official Dish Rag of Son of Dish Rag Tag:


Simple to follow. Easy to knit. And it doubles as a checker board!


Or, if you’ve got more brain than I, a chess board.


This set is an Etsy find that I acquired by surprise (surprise is another word for Fate). It seems like an appropriate gift for Dish Rag Tag’s Most Valuable Player this year.

Our MVP this year will win the pebble chess set and some matching cotton to knit a board. Make it as a Christmas gift, or a birthday present, or a travel set to put in the car.

To nominate someone for MVP, just email me or leave a comment with your Most Valuable Player’s first name and team (or state of origin). Everyone “nominated” will be part of a random drawing for the prize after the race ends. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you about it several times between now and then.

More prizes coming soon!

16 thoughts on “Check, Please

  1. Laurie

    I love this pattern and am anxious to make it! But I think I need some sort of update somewhere–I’ve heard from no one except my daughter who says she can see I’ve been assigned to a team!

  2. Teresa

    That chess set is great! It’ll be perfect with the dishcloth. You could knit and actual checkerboard if you were smarter than me…..

  3. DebW

    What a clever idea! My kids would love the pebble chess set. I really like the “basket weave” pattern of the dishcloth. Just counting the days for the race to begin.

  4. Jane

    Love the cloth! Last year we used the same box for the whole round – will that be the same this year, or should we have a small flate rate box ready to go!

  5. Gwyndlyn

    OMG! That is adorable!
    I’m feeling better about actually being able to finish the pattern in a reasonable amount of time, too.

  6. kathy b

    Oh MY goodness It is amazing and i wish I had entered. I can make on though! For chessman Zach, my son! Hooray I win anyway you look at it.

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