Half Way

The Dish Rag Tag Pack is past the halfway mark, but it’s still anybody’s game!


I’m only 1/3 of the way to my goal.

I’m headed to Mary Esther* this weekend. With car and front porch knitting, I might just catch up to the pack. Let’s have a little Dish Rag contest to celebrate!

In the comments for this post, provide a link or the name (or book title or whatever) to your personal favorite dish cloth pattern. If you’ve made it 50 times and love it more than ever, tell me. If you’ve had it in your Ravelry queue for years but haven’t gotten around to actually knitting it yet, I’d like to know that too. I will provide a dish cloth related prize to one lucky winner (chosen by random number).

One comment per person, please, and you don’t have to be racing to enter or win. I’ll close the comments and pick a winner sometime on Tuesday.

*That’s the best entry I can find by searching. I wish I had thought more about categories and tags five years ago when I started this thing.

38 thoughts on “Half Way

  1. Barbara/Purplemoose

    okay . . . I’ll go first. (is it true that the randomizer never picks the first or last? lol)

    I have made a lot of dish cloths over this past year – and every ONE of them is a favorite. But I think the one that touches my heart the most is the Ribbon Illusion Cloth. (if you click on my name I’ve put the url there)

    I’ve made them for breast cancer awareness in honor of my aunt and cousin who died of the disease.

    I’ve made more in purple for domestic violence awareness in honor of my mother who was a survivor – and in honor of the women with whom I work.

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month are both memorialized in October.

  2. Laura/VeryBadDogs

    I’m really fond of the Annie Washcloth. I made my first when I was doing an assortment of dishcloths to exchange for some patterns I wanted, and I enjoyed it so much that I made a bunch of them for Christmas that year. DRT has put me in a dishcloth mood – maybe I’ll do another Annie!

  3. rohanknitter

    Oh, my fav hands down has got to be the ball band dishcloth. It makes such a great squishy cloth and I love the infinite color combo possibilities! I think I’ve made at least 20 of them –probably more.

  4. WifeMomKnitter

    I’ve committed to making blanket squares for a few blankets for people who need them right now. I’ve found that dishcloth patterns make great blanket squares. So that being said, I recently completed the “ASL I Love You” dishcloth pattern for the blanket going to my friend. Here is the link it you want to check it out: http://frogiezplace.blogspot.com/2008/04/i-love-you-in-asl.html

    I would make this pattern over and over again now that I know about it. 🙂

  5. Karen

    I really like the Chinese Waves dishrag pattern http://www.maggiesrags.com/dishcloth.pdf . I hadn’t done much with dishrags before last year’s DRT, but now I’m sold on them and am working my way through numerous patterns that I’ve got my eye on! I’m itching to try the infamous Ball Band – so many fun color combinations to try!

    PS – I really like the idea of combining dishrag squares into afghans… as if my project list wasn’t long enough… 🙂

  6. Toni Smoky-Mountains

    Over the hills and through the plains to Emily’s house we go, eventually that is…lol. What a fun, fun ride!
    Chronicles of Yarnia all the way!!

    My favorite dishcloth had been the lacy Scalloped Waves Spa Cloth. I’ve made several dozen I’m sure, but I’ve never really counted them. Linky dinky for SWSC: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/scalloped-waves-spa-cloth

    Problem now is I’ve already knit Checkmate four times with no stopping in sight. It’s a tough one to give away though. I knitted two for the grandgals, but they may never see them if they don’t get here soon. :p This one is risin’ fast on my dishrag chart. Thankye.

  7. Dorothy

    My favorite is a feather and fan – at the point I have no idea where I found the pattern, but it’s a basic garter stitch edge with the feather and fan pattern. LOVE IT!

  8. Susan

    Hey Emily,

    My favorite is the ball band warshcloth, by far. But Kay’s new linoleum dishcloth is running a close second. Both are squishy and thick, and colorful!

    I’m watching the race from afar. I couldn’t participate this year — too much other stuff going on. You’re a peach for doing it again!


  9. pam

    My new favorite is the pattern we’ve been working on for the tag. I love how it makes texture to scrub dishes. I also like the waffle weave (basic patterns from The Knitting Encyclopedia) and Eyelet Rows from Nifty Knit Dishcloths.

  10. Lisa

    My all time favorite is the MDK ballband dishcloth and by extension, now, the pear & plum ballband dishcloth with I-cord edging!!! LOVE it!!!!

  11. Elizabeth

    I know this is hard for you to believe, but until the magic of DRT, I had never knit a dishrag…of any kind…but now that the “box” has been opened, and the magic has been experienced…well…who knows…

  12. Ruth

    You’ll need no pattern link for my favorite dish rag to date; a simple seed stitch pattern is my go-to choice this past year. Pretty in plain or veriagated yarn. Look in my rav projects for several examples…I think.

  13. Stephanie

    I love the pattern in this years race….is my “go to” pattrn. I use these as wash cloths for my face….too pretty to use on the dishes!!! My second favorite is the ball band pattern. I found a pattern with a dragonfly on it somewhere on the internet that I printed up but haven’t knit it yet……who knows? It could move up to #1!!!!!

  14. Felicia

    When nothing in the knitting basket is going right, I usually whip out a ballband. But that’s been done to death before me! I also have done my fair share of Four Corners – but for the life of me, I can’t remember the blog I got it from. Did you see the pics from the hot pad swap? Amazing – and in single layers, would all make fantastic dishcloths!

  15. Amanda Page

    I tend to get obsessed, particularly with washcloths that allow me to play around with the different colour combinations. So the Ballband is right up there – I decrease the stitches to 26, and make a bunch of small ones.

    My current favourite is this one from Knitting Knonsense – http://www.knittingknonsense.com/fishytawashi.html Wishy Washy Fishy Tawashi.

    It’s become my car and movie knitting of choice, I don’t have to look down, and I just pop the partially done ones onto a stitch holder until I’m ready to running stitch them up in bulk. So far, with all of September’s meetings, I’m on #29 of these little beasties.

    This is a great idea, both as a competition, and as a way to find new washcloth patterns to try, I’ve bookmarked at least 4 from the responses so far!

  16. Suzanne

    I really must say, that my favorite was the dishrag from last years Dish Rag Tag, and here’s why. Last year was my first year ever entering anything like that, I still felt like a novice knitter, and to have others relying on me to hurry up and knit something was nerve-racking, but fun. I was able to knit it and quickly, even if my team didn’t win. 🙂

  17. ikkinlala

    My favourite is still the basic garter stitch kind (Ravelry seems to be calling it “Grandmother’s Favourite”). It’s easy enough to knit without looking at it, it works really well, and we tend to wreck dishcloths quickly enough that I save my fancier knitting for other types of projects.

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