DRT: Unexpected Finish

It’s the craziest thing. Our mail comes around 11:00am. Yesterday, I didn’t manage to get to the mail box until 1:30pm. I had mail. But no Dish Rag Tag boxes.

This morning we went to put the cards in the mailbox and found this:

Hi, Rick!

So either we get mail twice a day or our mail comes at 8 in the morning.

We didn’t even have the camera. It belongs to these folks:


Congratulations, A-NINE-ILATORS!

I was so astonished, I’m writing this post before we’ve even opened the box. CONGRATULATIONS on Dish Rag Tag Glory!

More at nap time, I had to negotiate with Ellie for a lot of pipecleaners to be able to write this much.

21 thoughts on “DRT: Unexpected Finish

  1. Amanda Page

    Woohooo! Way to go my fellow A-Nine-ilators! I just scared my cat by jumping up and fist punching the air. 🙂 Too Cool!

  2. Karen

    Rick must have taken Heather’s notes to heart – upon seeing the notes, he immediately brought the box to your house so it would be the first thing in the box. Didn’t even bother to wait for the rest of the mail to be ready for delivery! 🙂

  3. kathy crispino

    way to go!!! What a fun relay!!! Already looking forward to next year! thanks so much for running this Emily!

  4. Cathy-Cate

    BWAHAHAHA! I am (yes, literally) laughing out loud even though I am at work, at Heather and her notes!

    YAY A-NINE-ILATORS! You’ve been an awesome team! I’m proud of us and our teamwork and amazing knitting!

  5. Anonymous

    Great job A-Nine-Ilhators! I laughed at the notes on the box. Will need to remember that for the next time. 🙂

  6. Heather

    Glad you guys liked my notes to Rick! I also thought about taping cash on the outside of the box but wasn’t sure it would make it all the way to him…who knows if my notes actually helped us win but I thought they’d at least make Emily laugh. 😀

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