Octopus Person

I finished the last of my Christmas knitting!


No progress on the pattern for the regular sized cephalopod except that I fixed a bunch of stitch counts. It’s going to have to wait ’til after Christmas. I’ve only got two days to start and finish Ellie’s present before she’s out of school.

6 Responses to “Octopus Person

  1. It will be worth the wait. Yes the darker yarn is much easier to see with my old eyes. Merry Christmas and can’t wait to get the new pattern .

  2. Mr. O is quite the dude! He is certainly dapper in his red hat!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family, Emily!

  3. soooooo cuttteeeee!!!! must.knit.!! but I’ll wait till after Christmas ;)
    Merry Merry Christmas!