Monthly Archives: January 2014

A Winter Weather

Michael and Ellie made a little video about our Winter Weather.

Why yes, we DID wear pajamas all day Tuesday. Didn’t you?

PS If you don’t have time for the whole thing, skip to the end to see Ellie driving her pink Jeep that Santa brought.

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet…

Mail service has been restored! Look what they brought me:


Swap box!

Isn’t it fun when stuff happens at just the right time? We’re melting and Ellie is back in school today. It’s a perfect day to make a Sparkle Collar (Polaris by Rozetti – it’s got sequins) and start a new book! “The Gerbil Farmer’s Daughter” – I flipped through and there are pictures of gerbils! I can’t wait!

Thank you so SO much, Donna (in Wisconsin, where they take cold seriously), you made my snow day.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have 120 stitches to cast on.

Slip Up

With all the cold and the days off from school, and then the nice weather and all the work the yard needs, I’ve not had a lot of knitting worth showing.

OK. Except this doggy custom.


She gives me a big smile.

I’m also on tentacle eight of the octopus example AND almost ready to ship my swap box.

I know some boxes are already packed and on the way. Y’all are making me look bad.

The Hard Way

How I make partners in a round-robin swap.


I did most of the matching and then handed off to Michael. I was feeling really guilty about the amount of work I unknowingly talked him into.

Y’all. We really need a universal ap for this. I’d happily, gleefully, delightedly pay money to host a swap with an ap that saves swappers’ profiles, and allows me to make custom questions for the current swap. And then makes matches with selected pieces of information. It’d be cool if it were smart enough to know that Zonda gifted Brenda (or whoever) in the last swap and not match them up again for the current one. And I’d like to be able to hand tweak the list before partner information is emailed in case I have insider information. I know someone will get right on this.

All that said: partner information was sent out last night! It came from Michael at YarnMiracle in case you need to check your spam folder. If you don’t know who you’re gifting, let him know. If you’ve got other questions or need your partner to clarify something while maintaining your anonymity, please let me know!

Start gathering goodness – boxes should be mailed no later then January 31. Quick reminder: if you are shipping to another country, go low-tech! DVDs and things don’t work the same way from nation to nation.


Our questions are answered, let the matchmaking begin!

PS When I asked Michael to make the matches so I could be surprised, I said “Oh, I’m sure there won’t be more than a dozen folks who want to participate.” I was really wrong. Thank you! I’m completely tickled.