School’s Out! EEEEEEE!

Half day of school on Friday!


I’ve really gotten my $$ worth for this chalkboard.

Ellie had a some friends over to celebrate with make-your-own ice cream sundaes and water squirt things.


Squirters because I thought the kids would get LESS wet than the sprinkler. I was very very wrong.

And then took a nice nap.


So peaceful. So quiet.

We had a family meeting that night at dinner to talk about our plans for the next school year. The final vote was unanimous: we will not return to our Elementary School in the fall. If I hadn’t already made up my mind that this was a better choice for all of us, that last School Board meeting and subsequent resignation of the Superintendent would have sealed the deal. I have zero faith that this board is capable of affecting lasting change. Without drastic changes to the current maintenance system, a brand new building won’t help the situation – it’ll be right back in ruins fifteen years from now.

I’ve got my eye on an accredited distance learning program that sounds like it was made for Ellie.

7 thoughts on “School’s Out! EEEEEEE!

  1. Angela Dotsenko

    Hurrah for school being over!! I’m so glad you are taking Ellie out of that environment. Sounds like Kangaroo Board are made of heartless nincompoops. I love your bedroom…is that a price of toast on Michaels chest?

  2. sprite

    Good luck with the schooling change. I’m glad you’re able to make a safe choice for Ellie, but am sad that your board is unwilling to give all the kids a healthy environment to learn in. (I bet if they had to work there every day they’d change their tunes pretty fast, the jerks!)

  3. kathy b

    Happy Summer. Sounds like you put much thought and concern into your decision. Im happy for you. Sounds like good things await

  4. Barbara

    Wow, your kids finish school so much earlier than here! Lev still has 2 weeks left, and he’s counting every day. I can’t believe all the troubles you’ve had with that school – what a nightmare! We’re changing Lev’s school for next year, for a few reasons, but at least health and safety were never a concern. Although I don’t know what they’re thinking, laying off all the librarians at his new school. At least our public library is great, and not too far from home.
    Any knitting plans for the summer?

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