Oh, Internets, How I Missed You

Look what we did while we were cut off from civilization!

We’ve got these things here called “thunderstorms.” Maybe you’ve heard of them? On Tuesday morning, lightning came in through the phone line and took out the internet (and the land line but we don’t care as much about that). The internet just got fixed last night.

Did I miss anything?

3 thoughts on “Oh, Internets, How I Missed You

  1. kathy b

    Didnt’ miss anything important. That daughter of yours, knitting is such a great thing. We think they are miracles when they are first born, but they just keep the miracles coming don’t they

  2. Epic Farms

    If you’re like us, I’m thinking you missed a boatload of annoying telemarketing phone calls (you lucky thing, you ;o) Sometimes it’s good to “unplug” – love that video!

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