Studying China

Rounding out our study of China with Egg Drop Soup and Honey Ficken (‘ficken’ = fake chicken).

It's educational.

It’s educational.

Ellie helped cook.

I promise that I’m working on that second mermaid arm. And a Rooster.

8 thoughts on “Studying China

  1. Angela Dotsenko

    I had to giggle about “Ficken.” I’m so happy you post about these vegan food items. My husband is Eastern Orthodox. Several times a year we go on very long fasts. No meat is allowed. After 15 years, I am stinking sick of fish. We were supposed to have a two week fast, but I threw the biggest temper tantrum! My doctor wants me off white carbs, so I can’t eat potatoes, rice, pasta or sugar. So fasting has become a bad word in my vocabulary. I will look for Ficken and Furkey and anything else you can recommend that doesn’t taste fishy and isn’t fried. I’m desperate Em.

  2. emily Post author

    Try Gardein! It’s really good – and not in a sad way. You can find it in the freezer section at Publix, and our Wal-Mart even carries a few kinds. Some things are breaded, but most varieties aren’t.

  3. emily Post author

    You read my mind! In this case it’s a regular old “Chicken Chicken Chicken” pattern Rooster. But I’ve been thinking about a giant (Alphabet Animal Size) version for about a year! I almost did that next instead of the Mermaid – but Ellie wanted a mermaid.

  4. Carla (from Alabama)

    I had never seen training chopsticks before this and right after I read your reply I saw them on with little bears on them. They came up in my recommendations, isn’t that something? I think it is a real cute idea and good way to learn to use them.

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