Marching in Mobile

Too hot for knit hats, y'all.

75° is too hot for knit hats.

One young woman’s sign summed up the event for me,
“I don’t usually do this but GEEZ.”

In case you’re wondering about the Girl Scouts (I noticed some…hubbub), there lies a legacy of building leadership and advocacy. You can read more here.

4 thoughts on “Marching in Mobile

  1. Lisa

    I marched in Seattle. They predicted 50, 000 marchers but there were over 130, 000. Yes, GEEZ. More leadership and advocacy are good things.

  2. christie

    Couldn’t march but made 6 hats. 4 went to Washington and 2 to Augusta, Maine. Loved the amazingness (a word?) of the knitting world coming together!

  3. kathy b

    Thank You for marching!!!!! Chicago got very lucky with the weather for January! What a wonderful event. Im so proud of all who marched, I did make a hat and it was given away to a marcher!

  4. Cassie

    Thank you for marching. My 74 YO mother and I marched in Des Moines. They initially anticipated 6000 and 26,000 turned out. And A LOT of families with young children were there which was awesome to see. It was truly a great day.

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