If a Tree Falls…

We’ve still got quite a few trees that were killed in one of the big storms a while back. They drop limbs every now and then and the woodpeckers enjoy them. Occasionally, a regular-size storm pushes one down.

I knew this one was going to be next.

I knew this one was going to be next. It barely missed the blueberries.

Ellie made a surfer out of some of the pieces.



ETA: Ellie keeps walking over to the window to check: “Yep. That tree is still down.”

4 thoughts on “If a Tree Falls…

  1. Michael

    I was still awake, and it was pretty loud. You can hear it start to fall – there’s a crack, and then a whoosh as it comes down and pushes stuff out of the way. Then when it hits you feel it more than hear it. Wasn’t loud enough to wake anyone else up.

    I went outside in the dark just to see if it hit anything important.

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