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Snow #2

The house with cleared sidewalk and front walk. The driveway is just roughed up (because gravel) becuase I am trying something new.

It’s less fun to clear when it’s ice on top. I know about ice.

I haven’t finished the driveway in this picture: I raked it up rough with the garden rake, so all the rocks will stay in one place and there should be enough traction for the car not to slide. There’s also more surface area for the sun to help out a bit. It worked for icy driveway back home – I can’t imagine that Physics is different up here.

Sweater pieces. One sleeve still has the needles in, the body of the sweater has a broken rib pattern on the top half.

I got the neck put on the current sweater, got all excited because I realized I was just a few seams away from being finished…and then noticed that the sleeves weren’t the same length. What even happened there I wonder? I’ve got to add an inch to the short one.

Lazy Knitting: One Sweater, Two Years

Back in September, I dug out Ellie’s little cardigan from last year. It fit everywhere but the sleeves and hem. So I fixed them.

on the pier

Chunky cuffs on the pier in October. Dish Rag Tag causes delayed posts.

I cut off the bottom band one row beneath where the body of the sweater started. Then I picked up all the live stitches along the body with a circular needle, unraveling the remaining band row as I went.

picking up

I picked up right across the side seams.

Now here’s the kind of hacky part. I couldn’t find my leftover yarn for that sweater. Anywhere. Happily, my own Doppelganger Cardigan was made in the same yarn and shade – but with worsted not sport. Not a problem. On the first row of the new band, I just decreased every three stitches to keep it all nice and even. Two inches of garter stitch made a new, longer band. Then I bound off and closed up any holes in the side seams.

I lengthened the cuffs the same way – except with double pointed needles instead of a circular.


I like to read while knitting.

The tricky bit with the cuffs is that a standard bind off is not at all stretchy. Not a problem for the band of a cardigan, but a biggish problem if you’d like to pull a cuff over a growing child’s hand. I needed the thing finished for that October beach trip, so I just used the standard bind off. But I am going back to try this stretchier finish instead.

And that is how Lazy Emily gets two years out of one project. There’s a lot of work in a sweater, you know.

now it fits

The cuff can be unrolled for more length!