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Merry Christmas!


Although acorns are really better for fall. Unless you like rustic – oohooh or use shiny gold yarn! Or make them as cat toys – just add a little catnip to the stuffing. Or embroider little stuff on the nut part. Or make them really tiny (and variegated) with sock yarn. Or make a REALLY BIG ONE and use it as a throw pillow. I’m totally going to do that for my sister! Nobody tell her.

You can make one in about an hour. I hope someone makes a garland.


Marcia Louise was kind enough (to me and her granddaughter) to knit up a hive full of bees. She made a few changes as she worked, and I am SO in love that I need to make another set for Ellie!

bees bees bees

Look at the Queen Been in her little pink skirt!

My favorite addition is the i-cord handle on the beehive – that’s just inspired! Once in, the bees aren’t likely to get out on their own, so why not tote them around in a hive bag? My guess is that instead of drawing up the top of the hive, she (and please correct me if I’m wrong, Marcia Louise) continued in i-cord until the handle was long enough and tied it off. Really nice. I love the color changes too, their soft little faces are a great contrast to the stripes.

Marcia Louise also noted a couple errors in the pattern. Mostly stitch count mistakes, nothing that will keep you from finishing if you don’t want to download again, but the pattern is corrected on both Yarn Miracle and on Ravelry. She absolutely earned her honey! Thank you so much!

Hive for a Bee

It’s time for a freebie.

bee bee

A Free Bee! Get it? I am such a funny girl.

The latest from Yarn Miracle is a delightful Honey Bee Play Set with Hive! The pdf can be found here or on Ravelry.


The hive can hold three bees.

Have you heard about the disappearing honey bees? Over the last three years, one in three honey bee colonies has died in the United States. Other countries are experiencing similar losses. This poses a real threat to the 1/3 of our food supply that relies on honey bees for pollination. For more information on Colony Collapse Disorder, check your PBS listings for Silence of the Bees, visit Help the Honey Bees (Haagan-Daz’ site) or Google.

While you read, why not knit a few?