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Members Only

The day we closed on the house, we walked across the street to become members of the Tennessee Valley Art Association. Because how cool is it to have an art museum for a neighbor? (seriously cool in case you don’t know)

haha it’s right on the wall in the hall up high

Every year they host a Member show where TVAA members submit their work to be shown in a group show. Ellie and I have pieces hanging across the street right now!

Soft sculpture! Fine Craft is a Thing.

The Tiger. Ellie enjoys watercolor.

Still Life (with Cat)

Moving with Cats (Feliway Diffuser Plugin = Must Have for Multicat Homes)

We should probably do something about this hidey hole.

One of my Big Goals is to create cat friendly spaces. I’m doing OK I think.

Pop re-screened the porch for them. They wait by the door each morning so I will let them out.

Some things never change.

Doing Better

I really should be putting things away. Instead, I’m migrating to a new book (aka planner). It’s amazing how puffy these things get. The one on the top is everything since January. The one on the bottom is new in its plastic wrap.

Old on top, new on the bottom.

Lady Bird is doing much better.

In the den.

She’s mostly eating and takes a new heart medication twice a day. She’s going back to the vet this afternoon to make sure it’s working. Our new vet is getting to know us very quickly.

One of these days I’ll be picked up enough to show some of the house. But not today.

A Week Ago Today

Last week about this time, the moving truck was stuck in the mud.

There was a whole lot of rain in a little bit of time. Surprise!

One of our good friends helped it get unstuck.

You’ll have a yard you love in a year. I promise.

It’s a good story now, but at the time I was very stressed, very sad, slightly hysterical, and feeling like I would never ever get away.

Now I’m feeling like I will never be finished with boxes. Never never ever. So I’m just taking a minute to put my feet up and post.

The view from my room to Ellie’s.