baby basket

Happy Easter!

mouth full

I hope your day was full


of blessings.

The Easter Bunny hides eggs in our yard, but he refuses to come inside (I’m looking at you, William Henry). We go to Great Gran’s to get Ellie’s basket. I’m telling you this lest you think that the beautiful room in the background belongs to me.

10 thoughts on “Hop

  1. Ruth

    I love that second picture! What expressive eyes that girl has…love her Easter dress…missed out on all of that with having only boys here.

  2. Carla (from Alabama)

    Ellie looks so pretty in her Easter dress. And, I did wonder about the beautiful room in the background (if it was in your house).

    I love the comment from your sister and her referring to herself as “The Darling Sister” that is just too great. I have been reading some on your sister’s blog; I really enjoy it. Haven’t left a comment for her yet.

    I love your new “taller” bear too. I’ll bet he is going to be so cuddley.

  3. Marcia Louise

    Is that an easel with paint pots and brushes….LUCKY girl you are Ellie! That trumps the chocolate at this house. I enjoyed the rabbit ears earlier and the carrot was way good, Emily! I hope you and yours had a wonderful day together.

  4. Judi

    Beautiful girl! Beautiful dress! Beautiful room! How can you stand all this beauty?! 🙂 I must send you pictures of surly teenagers and a sink full of dirty dishes lest you think that all that beauty is universal. 😉

  5. Teyani

    Beautiful baby girl. It’s the perfect year for all the holidays! Give those fabulous cheeks a smooch from me.
    and hug each other too.

  6. katie

    I’m just looking at the paint on the easel and imagining how it stays off of everything in that beautiful room? ;0) Happy Easter!

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