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Eyes Have It

knitty peacock

There are beads in his tail!

The Fancy version of the Itty Bitty Birdie pattern is almost ready for test knitting (the Plain version is already being tested)! Anybody want to try it? The fancy birds (robin, cardinal and peacock) are more fiddly than the plain ones. (Test Knitters Aquired – thank you. I always say that I’m going to make a test knitter pool, but it’s kind of fun to have volunteers every time.)

Overwhelming Enthusiasm has carried the day, Dish Rag Tag will happen this year! It will be a scaled back version, but I think that will really be OK. Especially since I realized that with fewer teams, I can knit the starting dish rags! Which means at the end of the race, I will get new dish rags! I really need some so this is working out quite well for me personally.

I’ll tell you about The Plan later, we’re going to the zoo!

Proportional Response


My survey results show a (comparatively) small but Extremely Enthusiastic response to Revenge of Dish Rag Tag. Which leaves me on the horns of a dilemma. Last year, due to Economic Conditions, I had to instate a sign-up fee of $1 to cover postage and I had a pattern bake sale to raise prize money. That worked great, in part because there were lots of people playing. If I run a smaller race (which is probably a really good thing as far as eliminating dead beat team members and hijacked boxes), I will have to offer smaller prize packages.

So I’ve got one more question. And please be honest.

I’ll make a determination based on this poll’s outcome and number of votes cast.

PS I’ve got a really fun idea for a fundraiser. At least I think it’s fun. And silly. And I’ll probably do it even if there is no Dish Rag Tag this year (but as a contest not a fundraiser) because it is so silly. I could use a little silly to help me forget about all that oil.

Like Chips

I’ve been working on a little something. Several little somethings.


Itty Bitty Birdies

I really wanted a toy that I could produce more quickly and price a little lower. Something fun – silly even – that has a lot of possible variations and maybe a little collectibility. Something where you can’t knit just one.


There are more tail feathers planned!

Pattern Pending. Until then, there are a few Itty Bitty Birdies in the shop.

Oh hey, don’t worry – the pattern will have an i-cord variation for the legs (which are crocheted in the pictures). It bugs me when knitting patterns aren’t just knitting patterns.

I really thought my next pattern would be an alligator. Judi sent me some bumpy, green hand-dyed yarn for my birthday that wants to be an AL-GAH-YAYA (what Ellie calls them, she’s a big fan of alligators). Shows what I know.