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The new back pack has KITTIES.

We’ve taken a stray dog to the shelter, taken a cat to the vet, I’ve cleaned the whole house AND mopped and there’s still three hours and change before I get her back.

I may die.

Or I might finish a rooster.

One of those.

Dish Cloths

How do y’all feel about log cabin style knitting?

Kindergarten starts tomorrow. I should have more time to talk then.

PS I missed my 10th blogaversary at the beginning of August. I always miss my blogaversaries, so this is nothing new. The part about TEN YEARS worth of my thoughts out in the ether is really making me feel old though.

S is for Sheep

It’s before noon on Wednesday, so it’s still early in the week!


S is for Sheep

She’s available on Ravelry and Etsy. Etsy does instant downloads now, although it is still easier to get corrections to you by way of Ravelry so that’s still what I recommend. I always seem to need those corrections.

As an aside, I know that ‘Sheep’ isn’t a technically correct choice for ‘S’ from a phonetic standpoint. But it is the only choice for ‘S’ from a knitter’s standpoint!

Field Trip: Gulf Coast Exploreum

Our field trip series continued with the Gulf Coast Exploreum, a kid-focused science center in Mobile. I’m very glad we worked our way through the physics exhibit and the iMax movie about coral reefs (Ellie loves reefs) before we made it to the imaginative play room.


It was really well done – a boat with bells in a ball pit and a light house in the corner (with a working light and fog horn). There were loads of plastic fish and a pretend fish market with a cash register and bins for sorting. That’s all she wanted to do after that. She even gave up lunch at Moe’s to rescue more fish from sharks and the horrors of the Fish Market.

After everyone made it safely into the boat, we drove it to the coral reef and released them all where they would be happy.

(Sheep pattern early next week.)