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Today I live in a world that doesn’t have Great Gran in it. Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and words and prayers. It’s been good to know that y’all are out there.

Ellie is going to be a witch for Halloween. And I’m going to take a little bit of a break.

I’ll be back when the octopus prototype is finished.

Hospital. Still.

OK. Still in the hospital. They are trying some new stuff. So y’all keep your fingers crossed.

And I finished Ellie’s costume on the day I stayed home, but I haven’t been home long enough since then to take a picture. Whew.

A Political Note From the Kitchen Table of Emily Ivey

I got out the big camera for you!


So far so good! I got all the legs joined together like I thought they would and I’ve only had to back up twice on the body shaping. Which is pretty good for me. I think I’ve made a mistake and have too many leg stitches to deal with for his bottom and his legs might be too long in general, but that’s why you make a prototype! Easy fixes for octopus v.2.

Great Gran is MUCH better! She slept for about 36 hours straight and woke up more like herself (I got a lot of knitting done while watching her sleep). Not on the octopus though, I need all my brain for him since he’s new. Cross your fingers that Great Gran will go home at the end of the week! I’m headed back over there to spend the night in a few hours (Mom and I are taking turns) with half a bear to finish and an elephant to start.

I also managed to make chocolate chip cookies this morning and I’m not sharing a single one with Congress. You hear that? NO COOKIES FOR YOU.


The WordPress iPhone ap is still unmanageable. Why is my only option after selecting a size for my image ‘publish’? I just end up with a blank post because it won’t put in the pictures but STILL.

So. Still no picture for you. I’m just too tired to get the big camera out.

All eight tentacles are finished! And joined together! Now is the time to wish me luck.

Physically Great Gran is improving. But if any of you have ever known or had an extended hospital stay…yeah.

*There should be a picture of seven objects RIGHT HERE. But there seems to be something wrong with the latest WordPress for iPhone update: no matter what I do it won’t put in the pictures! It’s possible I just don’t know how to work it, but it looks like you do all the same things…*

Great Gran has been moved to Mobile, but they think they’ve sorted out everything that’s wrong. If she’s as much better today as she was yesterday on the new stuff, I think they are right. But the diagnosis can’t be confirmed for another week. So y’all just keep your fingers crossed, please?

By the Way, Becky L. knows exactly what I’m working on – she said so in the comments. One more leg and things should get exciting.

Or disastrous.

I am going to be really mad if I can’t get this to go together like I think it will.