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Kitty Knitting

Just a sneak peek at what went on the first week of school:



The little kitty pattern can be found at The Magic Onions. When I saw that post, I knew the scarf would just have to wait a week. Our only modifications were to seam flat across the top of his head (to make ears with the corners) and i-cord on 3 stitches for the tail. Ellie insisted that her cat have eyes.

Also: I totally framed her first knitting.

So fancy.

So fancy.

Poppyseed Cat


Poppyseed Cat

It’s getting harder and harder to come up with flavor names for all the different grays. While I’m waiting on my Ravenwood Kid (arriving sometime this summer), I’m trying to knit up the other cashmere I have. Poppyseed is made from Jade Sapphire in the aran weight.

Three, a Kitty and a Surprise Drawing


That’s three squares of twelve.


And a Hot Fudge Kitty for my shop.


Surprise! It’s Panda Sock!

When the RubySapphire* folks saw that I had used their Panda Sock Yarn (60% merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon and a whopping 430 yards of it) for the Ballband pattern, they sent some along to share!

I asked the Magical Random Number Generator for its opinion on the subject and it told me 17! Starting with the first person who bought the pattern and counting up towards the present on my Ravelry sales sheet, 17 was pinkknitting! Tiffany, there is some great Panda Sock ready to hop in the mail to you! On Tuesday. Since this is Labor Day Weekend. Is the anticipation killing you?

*my hands down favorite dye shop of all time just wait until you see the first place team prize