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A Friendly Reminder

In case you weren’t paying attention:

This is the race that starts August 15, 2008.

Here’s a button.


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A Week


A heel at last.

Can I tell you a secret? I’ve never been so glad to see a Friday in all my life. I am so tired that I can barely function. Tomorrow, we’ll get halfway home. On Sunday, I’ll sleep in my own bed covered in kitties.

Maybe on Monday I will order a new rug. Ellie seems to have figured out how to roll to get places and the jute rug in the den doesn’t feel very nice on people skin (the cats love it).

Marginal Progress


1.5″ instead of 1″. I like longer cuffs.

It’s Second Nap, I left my bag open. I am glad that I picked a low-impact pattern for this trip – Ellie has forgotten that she sleeps through the night and I could use a little bit of mindless knitting.

Funny how much more I blog when I am out of town. I think it has to do with the absence of housework.

Good Times

Ellie’s Second Nap might be my favorite nap. I’d be knitting except for one thing.


My knitting bag is closed.

I can put clothes away, wash dishes in the sink, have a shower, cut up paper tape, walk all around the room, type, read blogs, and send text messages without waking her up. I can do anything except open the velcro on my knitting bag.

By The Way

I forgot to mention that we were going out of town this week. Sorry about that. I’ve got the laptop and Ellie is napping (Second Nap if you’re counting) so here’s a knitting update for y’all.

I toyed with the idea of CounterPain Squares as trip knitting, but decided that was too dangerous (if something happened to them I might never recover). I went back to my default – you just can’t go wrong with socks.


Artyarns Supermerino, Color 106

I am using the Knitty pattern Thuja. It’s not only a suitable pattern for a very tired knitter (not too complicated), but I also had the yarn it called for, was confident of my gauge (I still brought three sizes of needles just in case) and if my pattern gets destroyed, I can print a new one. If I can find a printer. I have chosen to think of it as a small Yarn Miracle.

I also forgot to mention that I have set up as sort of an uberfeed. My flickr, twitters and blog posts all show up there. If anyone wants to stalk me, it can be done with one easy location.

There is some serious furniture moving going on upstairs. I am holding my breath that it doesn’t wake Ellie before I can hit “post.”