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Slip Up

With all the cold and the days off from school, and then the nice weather and all the work the yard needs, I’ve not had a lot of knitting worth showing.

OK. Except this doggy custom.


She gives me a big smile.

I’m also on tentacle eight of the octopus example AND almost ready to ship my swap box.

I know some boxes are already packed and on the way. Y’all are making me look bad.

D is for Dog

At long last.

D is for Dog is ready for purchase in my Etsy Shop and on Ravelry.

I usually encourage folks to shop Ravelry for patterns, but if you don’t have a preference, please shop Etsy this time. The Etsy for Animals Charity of the Month is the Urban Animal Alliance, a non-profit that is working to eradicate dogfighting. In September, a buck from every dog pattern sale on Etsy goes toward their education programs.

Dog Days

I’ve got my Beta knitters, thank you!

he's like the Cat except he's a dog

He’s a lot like the Cat except he’s a Dog.

You’ll have to use/work double pointed needles, easy short rows, ssk, k2tog and lift-the-strand between the stitches increases. And kitchener/grafting. But you’d be surprised if there wasn’t.

Incidentally, that guy is made with Balance Bulky from O-Wool. One of my favorite new favorites.

I’ve got my Beta Knitters, thank you!


This is my first post with the latest WordPress. I’ve been using an ancient old version because I liked how the preview worked. This was supposed to be about the Dish Rag Tag prize for Fastest Turn-Around, but I forgot to take a picture while it was light out. This should surprise no one.

Look! What’s that over there?!

Better luck next time.