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DRT: Weekly Round-Up #4

The prize for the second team to attain Dish Rag Tag Glory is actually the first prize I picked. Trophies.

knitty girls

Knitty Girls

Kat’s in the Belfry makes these great Shakespeare People. They are peg dolls with bee-stung lips dressed in passages by the Bard. So I thought, I wonder if Kat would dress them in knitting patterns? Ellie wants them all. And, I have to confess, so do I.

How’s the race going? Last week was surprisingly quiet (at least in my comments). This week I see several status bars inching into the front! Please share you experiences or links to your blog posts in the comments.

Sunday is for Treasuries: Play All Day

‘Play All Day’ by yarnmiracle

and make a terrible mess

















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DRT: Weekly Roundup #3

Trophies. Mementos. Keepsakes.


The third team to achieve Dish Rag Tag Glory in Revenge of Dish Rag Tag will receive a custom Dish Rag Tag tin from Natalie’s Nest to commemorate that achievement! These tins are the perfect size for a couple yarn needles, some stitch markers and a safety pin or two and the hinged lid will never get lost. I’ve got one this size in my most used knitting basket and I have found it invaluable.

This year, the race is smaller and more personal, but no less special. This year, the prizes are smaller and more personal, but no less special. In fact, I think they are extra-special and I wish I had commissioned 13 of everything so I could keep one for myself.

Has your DRT experience this week been smaller and more personal or did you make your dishrag in a shocking display of public knitting? Tell us (or be a linky-loo) in the comments!

Sunday is for Treasuries: Like Sunday Morning

Just trying out a Put an Etsy Treasury on Your Blog Thing. I like it.

‘Like Sunday Morning’ by yarnmiracle

Doesn’t everybody make Treasuries when they make pancakes?

















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This Treasury was on Etsy’s front page Tuesday, September 21! Granted, it was at 3:00 in the morning, but that’s still is pretty cool. I completely missed it. I don’t get up until 4:30.

DRT: Weekly Roundup #2

on the sink

How’s it going Dish Rag Taggers?

Those status bars are moving forward, but no one has pulled ahead of the pack. It’s still anybody’s race!

Tell us in the comments if you had the box this week! Do you have any tips for the other racers? Have a blog post you’d like to share? How’s the pattern?

Inquiring Emilys want to know.


hooty hoot hoo

He’s giving lots of thought to nesting in your eves.

You are probably asking yourself, “Which part of that picture is in focus?” The answer is: I can’t tell either.

I’ll take another one tomorrow.

If I’m not feeling too lazy.