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Do Not Go Gentle

Last week I was reading Ellie a poem in Carole’s blog post (because I do that: read stuff to my kid) and she noticed that Carole’s little word of the year was ‘peace.’ She thought that was awesome, that we should also have a little word of the year, and it wasn’t the end of January yet so it wasn’t too late. Introducing the 2017 Word of the Year….HUG.

“Marshmallow” was the runner up. We’re all kinds of deep and philosophical over here.

If a Tree Falls…

We’ve still got quite a few trees that were killed in one of the big storms a while back. They drop limbs every now and then and the woodpeckers enjoy them. Occasionally, a regular-size storm pushes one down.

I knew this one was going to be next.

I knew this one was going to be next. It barely missed the blueberries.

Ellie made a surfer out of some of the pieces.



ETA: Ellie keeps walking over to the window to check: “Yep. That tree is still down.”


“I have also decided to stick with love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.-

This is actually a tiny fractured bit of the whole speech (“Where Do We Go From Here?”) given at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1967. You can read the full transcript here.

For Posterity

I will now take a moment to document the snowflake in my weather app:

See it?  Right there at 11pm.

See it? Right there at 11pm.

I’m pretty sure that all that icon really means is that it’s just going to be 32° while it’s raining, but the picture IS of a snowflake.

Happy New Year!

Ellie’s New Year’s Resolution is to fix a meal once a week.

Week #1 Sloppy Joes (with Gardein Beefless Ground).

Week #1 Sloppy Joes (with Gardein Beefless Ground).

My New Year’s Resolution is post something to Yarn Miracle once a week. Anything.

Stop laughing.

This totally counts for week #1.