Monthly Archives: July 2010

Chickens in Rothera (Seriously)

There is such a thing as a 48-Hour Antarctic Film Contest. Following strict guidelines, the participating research stations have 48 hours to script, act, film and edit a five minute work of cinematic art. Requirements change each year so that no station can get a head start on their film. For 2010, the line “Has anybody seen my chicken?” had to be included in the dialog. I am sure you can see where this is going.

The British Antarctic Survey‘s entry, From Rothera with Love, is an action-packed thriller about a mad scientist’s attempt to take over the world. And his love for a Chicken (Chicken Chicken). Got your popcorn handy?

The chicken knitter, Ravelry Morganna, chronicles her completely alien (to me – 91F and thunderstorms this afternoon) lifestyle at Wholesome Fun at Home and Abroad. Sage and Onion (her finished chicken and rooster) can be found here.