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Chickens in Rothera (Seriously)

There is such a thing as a 48-Hour Antarctic Film Contest. Following strict guidelines, the participating research stations have 48 hours to script, act, film and edit a five minute work of cinematic art. Requirements change each year so that no station can get a head start on their film. For 2010, the line “Has anybody seen my chicken?” had to be included in the dialog. I am sure you can see where this is going.

The British Antarctic Survey‘s entry, From Rothera with Love, is an action-packed thriller about a mad scientist’s attempt to take over the world. And his love for a Chicken (Chicken Chicken). Got your popcorn handy?

The chicken knitter, Ravelry Morganna, chronicles her completely alien (to me – 91F and thunderstorms this afternoon) lifestyle at Wholesome Fun at Home and Abroad. Sage and Onion (her finished chicken and rooster) can be found here.

ladybug ladybug

Sweet (and free!) knit Ladybug Pattern from Natural Suburbia.


Craft paint made from fruits and vegetables! I’m a little afraid I’ll have to taste it…

Coming Together

Twos into tens and tens into twenties because four make a block.


Mom says I crochet like I knit. Whatever that means.

Don’t worry, I have a lot of help.

mamie helps

Hi, Mamie.

love this

An on-the-go-dollhouse. Everything but the dolls and puzzling too!

Time to Buy a Barrel

Is there such a thing as too many monkeys?

Not as long as they continue to give each other bunny-ears in their pictures.

pocket paper dolls

Such a cute idea!

The Sunny Side

I’ve been fooling around with Etsy Treasuries while Ellie watches Sesame Street.

It’s a low-impact creative outlet.